It’s Far Beyond Works

Married for over 70 years, yet still love as of old. The sparkle, the care, the affection, the bond, the understanding, the love etc.; everything still looks new and strong.
The next question that comes to mind is: what was she doing as a wife and what was he doing as a husband?

Everyone who is married or will be married desires such longlasting and evergreen relationship with their spouse but only a few experience it.

Long lasting and evergreen couple relationships are for those who look beyond what their spouses can offer and focus on what really matters.
They look beyond their partners handsome looks, height, rich account, eloquence in speech etc.

I’ve discussed with young ladies who aren’t married as well as those who were few months or weeks to their wedding. Some of these ladies were so concerned about the sexual aspect of marriage. They talk about how romantic their would-be-husband is and how he has the right words to woo them. Only a few looked beyond that.

This couple that have been married for over 70 years and still have so much love, respect and understanding for each other looked beyond the works and focused on the hearts. They said that their hearts towards each other matter most to them.

The fresh skin, beauty, sexual attractiveness and activeness etc fade; only a pure heart ♥ remains fresh, attractive and active.

Your works such as evangelism, hospitality, visitation, cheerful giving etc doesn’t really matter and can’t take you to heaven. What matters is our heart towards God. Your love, respect and understanding of His Word, Presence and Ways. These can keep you in an evergreen relationship with God here on earth and in heaven above.

Love and respect to God with expectation is not sincere. Don’t love, serve and respect God for what you will gain from Him. Your works cannot bribe God.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I really love God?
  • My works, are they for men’s praise, self-praise or eye service?

God is interested in raising Gracious Women that will be in an evergreen and lasting relationship with Him.
It begins from our hearts towards Him.

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