Intruding Past.

We are advised not to think or dwell on the past by the Holy Bible; rather, forget it. But one thing we easily ignore is the admonition concerning what we sow in the present.

Let’s consider a particular character in the Bible. A man to who God transferred the Scepter. A man from whose lineage the Saviour of the world came forth. One of the sons of Jacob, the 4th son in line, Judah, is his name.

Judah was no different from his brothers, who always did evil. The children of Jacob made parenting rough and tough for him, except for Joseph, who decided to be different. Joseph was that son who always made his father glad. Jacob being so delighted in Joseph, showcased his love by making a coat of many colors for him.

The brothers of Joseph couldn’t hide their hatred for him. They plotted to kill him if not for Reuben’s intervention. They succeeded in throwing him into a dry well. As soon as they saw the Ishmaelites, Judah decided to make a profit by suggesting Joseph be sold.

Can you imagine the emotional and psychological torture and humiliation this young man Joseph went through at the hands of his brothers?

What about Jacob’s trauma and endless sorrow in losing a lovely and goodly child? It’s beyond just imagination.

Life continued with Judah, and guess what? He became a father. A father of three sons; Er, Onan, and Shelah.

His three children were so useless to him. They brought him perpetual sorrow, disgrace, and dishonor.

He remembered how he caused his father pain. He remembered how he masterminded the idea of selling off his brother. He wished he could turn back the hands of the clock to make right all his wrongs.

Jacob’s past was activated to his present, bringing him shame.

Be careful of how you live life. Your past can hurt, halt, or exalt. The choice is yours to make.

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