Ignore and Focus on Your Shoes

I needed some pairs of shoes so I went shopping for them. I went to different footwear sellers and couldn’t find my size but something funny happened in one of the shops I went to: after I tried almost all the footwear but couldn’t find any that fit, the shoe seller began throwing words at me and asked me to go to the children’s section to look for my size.

I laughed so hard and till date whenever I remember that incident I still laugh. Someone reacted and said that that was an insult but to me it was funny. I ignored the negative vibes derived from the tone and words of the young man. I went to more shops in search of my size. Well, the good news is that I finally got my size.

Going for your shoes could mean reaching for your goal, aiming for your target, focusing on your objective; which could be academic, career objectives, including skills acquisition and personal development.

In life people will throw words at you but how you react shows how forward or backward you are in life.

Don’t let anyone’s negative opinion rest on your mind. Laugh and walk over it to keep your sanity intact.

The time spent on negative meanings to words deprives you of laughter and peace of mind.

Negative connotation to words breaks the spirit and dries your bones but a merry heart is like a medicine – Proverbs 17:22.

No matter the negativity thrown at you, please ignore them and go for your shoe size.

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