Identify Your Distractions pt. 1

Are you concerned about your spiritual state as a married wo(man)?

Are you soon to be married?

Are you single?

If you fall in any of the above categories, drag a seat; let’s discuss.

When the Bible says that he that is single cares for nothing but how he may please the Lord, and the married cares for two things (spouse and the Lord).

I never understood the above scripture until when I got married.

If you’re still single, please draw close to God until you are glued to Him. You may not appreciate it now, but I bet you will when the time comes.

Don’t cast yourself if you are already married and have never utilized your singlehood. You can still make your relationship work with God.

I’m ever grateful to God that I utilized my singlehood not with looking for friendship from men but craving and burning for a relationship with my Father (God).

I had a truckload of friends and was also a jolly friend before I gave my life to God at the age of 19. Once I surrendered to him, I became more interested in bonding with Him. God became my purpose.

I knew one of my undoing in my bonding with God would be friends, and the earlier I cut off, the better my life would be.

As a child of God, know your distractions and identify them.

I don’t know how I knew this, but it can only be through the help of the Spirit of God. I knew having many friends wasn’t what I needed, so I began to make a prayer.

Oh Father, sieve and hand pick my friends.

I fasted and prayed for just this purpose always. The Lord began to answer my request immediately.

I was deliberate about that. It was my constant prayer weekly, monthly, and yearly.

In bonding with your Maker, your associates can be a distraction.

As a few years passed, I changed my prayer request.

‘Father, always sieve and hand pick my friends.’

I added ‘always’ because I wanted Him to know it’s something that He should always do without me fasting and praying about it till the day of my transformation from earth to heaven.

God indeed answers sincere prayers. How the process began, when it started, and how He did it, I can’t tell. But I realize that He brings to date people that shape and also leave me burning for Him. And He also brings people whom He uses me to affect and leaves them burning for Him positively. 

In life, not everyone you associate with is meant to be in your chart. The earlier you know this, the better.

Most of the time, your associates determine how far you can go with God and in life.

There’s something I also noticed. Once the assignment of anyone brought by God to my life is done, there’s a separation immediately. 

When you’re solely interested in bonding with The Lord, He becomes exclusively interested in looking out for you.

Engage your life with The Lord and watch Him engage your distractions.

Michelle McKinney Hammond wrote, “After all is said and done, our relationship with God and the trust we have in His promises are what truly sustains us.”

You cannot have a relationship with God without first recognizing you really need this relationship. Your need for this awesome bonding with Him is what propels you to run to the cross.

At the Cross;

● You confess all your sins,

● Ask for mercy,

● Believe you’ve been forgiven because you really are.

You need to bond and retain your relationship status through constant communion;

● Reading of His Word(The Holy Bible),

● Meditation of His Word, greatness, and power,

● Praying and fasting,

● Listening and singing hymns and

● Reading God-inspired books.

Are you past 19years or below 19years of age? It doesn’t matter when you start bonding with your Father. What matters now is, are you bonding with Him?

Identify your distraction(s) before they identify you to destruction.

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