How To Regain God’s Trust!

God is compassionate, merciful and thoughtful.
We were told in the scriptures of truth that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.
It simply means God thinks better and more deeply than man.

Have you ever been betrayed? How did you feel? I know you felt really bad. Even if the betrayer admits their faults and asks for forgiveness, you will forgive. But being human, you may find it difficult to trust them again.

Same applies to them, if you were the betrayer they will equally find it difficult to trust you again. Even when you’re honestly making all effort to regain their trust after a sincere apology, they will not easily give in. They may suspect you.

The reason why humans find it difficult to re-trust a betrayer, is simply because, we are not God to see the intent of a man’s heart. It’s given to God and God alone.

Although, we’ve been instructed by the Word of God that we should believe all things which includes believing the apologies of a man. Nevertheless, being human that we are, we will not commit ourselves to them like other times.

Imagine after God had bragged about Abraham to teach his children and household His(God) ways and Abraham betrayed his trust.
Imagine also after God had bragged about Job to the devil concerning the exceptional uprightness of Job and Job betrayed Him.
That would have been really heart drenching.

But I know of a man who betrayed the trust God had for him. He was so dear to God and God had to describe him as a man after His own heart. This same man lied, committed adultery and murder.
His relationship with God was broken.

Nevertheless, as soon as he was confronted, He admitted his sins, he was broken and asked God for forgiveness. God seeing the heart and knew that he was sincere, forgave him and was still with him unto death.

God is not a man. He is God. The One who searches the heart and tries the reins. The One who knows the intent of every man’s heart. A God of justice and judgement. The One who forgives wholeheartedly.

Have you betrayed the trust God had for you?
Sincerely recognize and confess your errors, faults and sins.
Sincerely ask Him for forgiveness and mercy.
Make a U-turn.

Remember this; God is compassionate, merciful and thoughtful.

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