How Long Has It Been There?

Have you ever wondered why science dates so many things like the stars and comets back to millions of years ago while the calculations of times show the earth to be roughly 7000 years?

Well may I say that science may actually not be wrong. They must have exhibited characteristics that made scientists conclude that they must have been that old. Those things might actually be millions of years old irrespective of time. You know why?

They were made by THE ANCIENT OF DAYS.

They were formed by Him who was there before the beginning and who will be there after the end. They existed in Him, and whether they came to be 7000 years ago or not, they are as old because they were made Him who is older than time. So even science has proved that God is the Ancient of Days.

How old is that thing that has disturbed you?

Has that habit been so long that you fear it has become a part of you and you see it as impossible to change?

Has that disease lingered so much that you fear the damage is beyond repair?

Take it to the ancient of days, the one who made you. He knows the origin and the solution. He knew it even before it came upon you. He knows the solution even before the problems arise, just as He made 2million years old stars even before the universe came to be.

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