Home Breakers.

Many times, the quest for a happy home isn’t successful because it is sought for in a wrong way.

Before my husband and I got married, during our courtship, amidst all other important topics, we stressed on communication and forgiveness. I was so deliberate on this topic because I knew the importance of communication and forgiveness in any relationship and marriage is a lifetime relationship.

I perfectly knew I wasn’t getting married to a perfect man and he wasn’t getting married to a perfect me. I was simply interested in the fact that he was a child of God, one that fears God, truly loves me and more importantly, the fact that God was even interested in our union more than we.

We discussed how not to sleep with offence and also to chat everyday for at least 15 minutes. We discussed how we need to be intentional in collaborating with God in building the home He will love to dwell and we’ll be at peace.

Our courtship was a beautiful moment for us because we made use of our courtship period and even asked for an extra one month from our courtship Supervisor.

Every day was so useful because we deliberately discussed and even asked God to bring to our memory the things we needed to discuss.

Being married, I can attest that communication and forgiveness is a sure ingredient to the secret of a peaceful and progressive home.

There’s no home that is successful or can be successful without these;
● Genuine love between the spouses.
● Good and effective communication to express one’s love and eliminate conflict.
● Ability to constantly lubricate the affairs of the home with the oil of forgiveness.

✳️Love is the wheel upon which your family moves and progresses and grows to maturity.
As air is to humans so is love to a home.
✳️Communication must be used with wisdom to achieve a desired goal.
✳️Lack of forbearance and forgiveness are tools in the hand of the devil to attack and separate homes

Lack of communication and unforgiveness in marriage is a cankerworm and a home breaker. Once it takes root downwards, it bears destructive fruits upward.

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