His Sovereign Will

Sovereignty tells us about a supreme authority over all things, having absolute power or autarchy-power of rule exercised.

When we talk of sovereignty, we talk of ultimacy.

Will has to do with one’s desire, an independent faculty of choice or volition.

Every individual exercises that power of will directly or indirectly, consciously and unconsciously.

Even infants demonstrate their will by crying for care or food.

When we pay close attention to our environment, we see the power of will play out on a daily basis.

Even the creation of the world and its content was an expression of God’s will (2 Peter 3:5).

Each time we take decisions or express our will in any situation, we do that in our best interests.

God knew that the coming of Jesus into the world was in the utmost interest of mankind so he expressed and exercised His sovereign will regarding the fall of man by sending Christ into the world.

It was never a missed target!!

When God created man, He made him a little lower than Himself but in his resemblance. He allowed man the power of choice and will, to be able to discern between two situations and make a very good decision (Deuteronomy 30:15,19). But many times man has failed in making decisions to his best interest (John 3:19).

It is therefore expected that at whatever time in life an individual comes to a fixed point, a crossroad or at a strait, he goes back to seek the ultimate and sovereign will of God.

It is of unquestionable importance that before one makes any consequential move or step, he must intentionally seek to know God’s own desire and choice or will concerning that situation.

We need to starve our desires in order to glide on God’s sovereignty.

N.B: The will of God does not only apply in heaven but also in the earth (Matthew 6:10).

And because we are his workmanship, a product of his ideas, thoughts and will, we need his sovereign opinion even in the most little events of our lives.

NB: Whatever we do or elect to do in life, if it does not lead us to the greatest devotion to God, then God’s will on that particular thing is defeated already.

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