Hidden Treasures of Suffering (Pt. 3)

The question that should be running through your mind now is exactly what is on my mind as well. Treasures in suffering? What kind of treasure let alone treasures in suffering? Relax dear one. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I pray we are helped to understand and embrace what we should know and learn.

Let’s begin with the concept of suffering. So, what is Suffering?

Suffering is a deep and broad word but can be simply defined as the state of experiencing/undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. Suffering is never a pleasant experience and there’s absolutely no one who loves pain, distress or hardship. No, I don’t know of any.

The Holy Bible has a lot of beautiful life stories concerning men and woman including children who experienced suffering in one way or the other.

We know of our popular brother in the Bible. The record shows that he was perfect and upright, and one that feared God and eschewed evil. I believe you now know the one and only Job in the Bible. Funny enough its a name majority dread to give any child of theirs.

Despite all the wonderful introduction of who Job was, he experienced sufferings. These sufferings of his began after the testimony of God about Job to the devil. He suffered losses, experienced anguish of soul and rejection. In all Job sinned not against the Lord nor charged Him foolishly. (Job 1:22). He was with God all through his sufferings and God was with him.

Can you picture a man losing his ten children, assets and servants all in one day? In the midst of these turmoil, his health deteriorated, his wife who was supposed to  be a comfort to him added to his emotional breakage, his friends accused him of sinning against God. He (Job) practically had no one to comfort him. The greatest of the men of all the east became the poorest and undesired man just in one day. That was a life story of Job.

Unknown to Job that God shared testimony to the devil and boasted about him(Job). God was ever present at the beginning and end of the sufferings of Job. God watched how faithful Job was to Him even in his sufferings. It was indeed proven to the devil that Job loved the Lord.

Child of God, the Lord is ever present in your sufferings.

Any suffering permitted by the Lord into your life is to achieve something greater. There are always treasures hidden in sufferings if only we see as we ought see. You say treasures in sufferings? Yes ma. There are beautiful treasures hidden in any sufferings experienced by a child of God. Not just religious person.

Job, discovered beautiful treasures during and after his sufferings. Treasures no greatness or wealth can purchase. A treasure that made him outstanding after his sufferings were ended. Job’s treasures were;

  1. He proved the truth that his redeemer lives. (Job 19:25).
  2. He got the privilege of seeing and talking with God directly out of the whirlwind. (Job 38:1)
  3. He was the only person that could summoned God and God answered his “whys.”

The later end of Job exceeded his beginning.

In the midst of challenges, still be prayerful, positive and praise-full.

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