He has Been There

If you had an elder sister, brother, or friend growing up, be it your mother, father, or teacher, you would have come across a situation where it was so easy for them to help you out of a seemingly impossible situation get out of for you. A situation where you are paralyzed by fear or dread and have given up hope was simply a piece of cake with them.

Even as an adult now, when you see a child crying helplessly over something you know you can quickly fix, you can easily reassure that child and give them hope.

This is because you may have dealt with it before or are sure of your capability to fix that particular problem. 

In the same way, this is it with God.

We are like the little ones that have found ourselves in a fix. We find ourselves trapped, and frustration becomes the order of the day.

It could be situations like:

  • Health crises
  • Lack
  • Unhappy marriage 
  • Delay in marriage 
  • Delay in childbearing 
  • Broken home
  • Depression
  • Addiction of any kind
  • Children out of wedlock 
  • Bad characters
  • Consequences of poor life choices made in ignorance 
  • Oppression from the society around us
  • Inferiority complex and self-condemnation 

He knows exactly what is wrong with you and His Heart yearns for you. He is eager to help you if only you can bring it to Him.

We must remember that we cannot help ourselves no matter what we do, and keeping quiet will never get us any closer to our solution.

We must also remember that it is useless to put our trust and hope in a fellow man; they either have what they are dealing with, are incapable of helping us, or have the tendency to disappoint. Man can be an instrument in God’s hands to provide solutions, but he is not the solution.

  • Have you found yourself in a pit hole of life?
  • Is your burden weighing you down?
  • Are you nearing your breaking point?

Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there. God is a being that understands what we are going through and can solve or make them right.

He is also ever ready, our very present Help in times of need. 

Jesus came not only to show us the way and die for us but also to gain earthly experience of what we are going through so I can tell you that He knows exactly how you are feeling right now, and guess what? You don’t need to travel to Jerusalem to find Him because He is by your side right now, knocking on the door of your heart.

Please let Him in, and you will find the peace you seek.

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