God Knows The Way.

A quick question.
What if you had the power to know what would happen in the next one year, month, week,hour? Or even less?
Do you think all the decisions you have taken so far are what you would have taken?

There are decisions we wouldn’t have taken if we were to know the outcome even in the next 5 minutes and there are decisions we would have taken knowing that abstaining from such would have some negative effect..

We probably wouldn’t have made certain journeys… taken certain jobs… entered certain relationships…said certain words… made certain friends…gone to certain places….many decisions which we regret now, looking back.

In our life on earth, nothing is more important than trusting in the Lord. Sometimes the situations around are so severe that it makes God seem surreal, like the minority and the irrelevant in decision making. It feels as though our own presence is enough to control the situation. At this time, even trusting or acknowledging God seems like a foolish or unrealistic thing to do… This critical time has led to to the downfall of many including and especially great men/women of God..

This happens because we do not know the place of God in our life’s directions neither do we understand how much He wants to help us.

God Knows The Way to your glory. He knows the path that will take you to the best. He knows the path away from misfortune and destruction. As a matter of fact, He has crafted a beautiful path for you to follow to His perfect will for you. He has authored your life, and hopes time and over again that you will follow.

You can never go wrong following God. He knows what is ahead of you, and more so, He has what it takes, to take you to the end. He is the ALMIGHTY afterall.(He gave my heart a sweet smile while writing this sentence).

God is bound to a certain level of abstinence by His words and principles and so must be given access to certain levels of control in order to take full control. This is to say we must consciously invite Him into our decision making and yield to Him completely trusting that whatever He decides is best for us. No second-guessing it.

When there are tough decisions to make, it isn’t the time to isolate God from you but the time to get Him more involved.

One of the major reasons we are not able to yield control to God is our ignorance of God. When we lack the proper knowledge of God and His ways, we find it hard to give up the wheels to Him.

A man who does not know God could never surrender to Him. Therefore to be able to trust God completely, we must seek to know Him intimately and understand His ways and we can do that by dedicating quality time to study His Word and commune with him. So much about Him is written in the scriptures. When we are able to know Him as we should, we would learn to trust Him even in the most trying times and toughest moments.

Dear Friends, if you want to find the beauty of your path, make out time to know and follow God because He knows the way to your glory.

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