God Is Homesick In Me

When you move into a particular country’s embassy for example the Chinese embassy, you might not even remember that you are in your country. Most times it is built to suit the need of the ambassadors and as a result, they provide an environment very similar to china. The employees will be from china, they employ a Chinese chef to serve him the food he is accustomed to, and use Chinese fragrances all over the place. They go as far as having to import from china whatever they can’t get from that country. This is all to make the ambassador work efficiently and be comfortable while being away from home. A homesick ambassador does not perform efficiently.

God has a longing to dwell with man, it is the reason why we were made in the first place. It is the reason why He crowned us above all His creations. He longs for that intimacy with us.

But the problem is this:

God feel homesick when He tries to dwell in our lives. When He comes into our lives, the place is so alien to him that He doesn’t feel any connection with our lives like the place He came from. He is not able to perform or work in our lives because He has no means of communion.

Our chef serves him with complaints and bitterness instead of Praises,

 Our stylists present to Him ungodly apparels instead of godly dressings

Our gardener cultivates weeds, and bad habits instead or virtues and godliness.

Our personal assistant feeds Him gossip instead of intercession and supplications.

All the cabinet members speak lies and other foreign languages. 

And so God feels alone…… He silently exits that body……You feel empty as a christian.

Dear friend, that depression you are feeling now, that void you are looking to fill, that problem you can’t get rid of; the solution could just be one single step.

Creating the perfect habitat for God to dwell in you is something you can never underestimate.

Prepare your body in such a way that God can find similarities with his dwelling place. Structure your heart to suit his comfort. Make him feel at home. 

Let Jesus into your life and He will prepare a place for His Father to dwell in. Only Jesus can create that place, He knows His Father’s taste. He takes away your sins and replaces it with godliness. revelation 3:20. 2corinthians 6:14-18, JOHN14:23(If anyone loves me, he will keep my commands and my Father will love him and We will come to him and make Our dwelling with him.)

Please read john 14:1-end and may God bless you.

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