God Is Good

A man once met the Lord Jesus. This man was a knowledgeable man and wise. And he called Jesus a “good master”. In his mind he had given Jesus a good title. He felt he had praised Jesus.

And come to think of it, Jesus is good. He went about doing good things. But to the utter surprise of this young man, Jesus asked him a question, why are you calling me good? Then Jesus Christ gave timeless information. An information that is eternal in value and timely in consequence.

Jesus said “there is none good except God.” It therefore behoves us to understand this information so that we may benefit from it forever. And in order to understand this information, we will have to as it were “pass the goodness of God through an x-ray.”

Under the x-ray, we find out that the goodness of God is different from the goodness of man.

THE GOODNESS OF GOD IS UNIVERSAL: Irrespective of your place of birth, geographical location, social strata, family background and belief, righteousness or unrighteousness, God is good to you.

THE GOODNESS OF GOD IS UNLIMITED: Unlimited in quality and quantity.

THE GOODNESS OF GOD IS ABSOLUTE: The goodness of God is complete.

Jesus was bringing to our notice about the insufficiency of a man’s goodness.
If a man or woman does not draw from the well of God’s goodness, he will invariably be an evil person, no matter how much he tries to be good. Because The source of goodness is God.

The reason the world is full of evil today is because the amount of men that have tapped into God’s goodness are very few.

Our neighbourhoods are crying out in pain and anguish, because good men and women are decreasing by the day.

Jesus Christ was called good because He is connected to God not by words alone but His actions explained Him more to men.

If you’re connected to God, your actions will make men call you a Christian because you act like Christ and a good man/woman because you’re representing a good God.

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