Get Your Blueprint.

Imagine studying all night for a biology test only to find out that the paper allocated to your exam number was physics…

Imagine struggling and fighting to walk a road with a reward at the end, only to realize that the reward was in another person’s name..?

You are very prepared and perfect in the wrong thing while you know zilch about the actual thing expected of you..

This is the case with many people right now, as I speak. We are living an Alias, most likely because they have no idea what God has called them to be.

Many have chosen a life because they saw another person prosper in that way, or because situations have forced them to do so..

Many also may have chosen it because it is the trend, and so if you want to feel belonging, you must go with the flow..

Now you are perfected leading that particular lifestyle and while you seem relevant among people, you hold a completely empty and desolate record before God. And soon you painfully realize it, because man made glory doesn’t last.

For every single man, God has made a blueprint and it is very important that you go to God to find yours so that you can build according to that.

He has a path for you to follow and on that path, He has placed people and things to bless us and smoothen the journey.

Unfortunately, some people’s paths are desolate and wasting while they are in constant struggle and competition for the blessings on other people’s pathways.
And they just don’t succeed.

Ever wondered why things seem not to be working out for you while another person who does exactly the same thing succeeds immensely? You started earlier, putting more efforts, endured many hardships but the person seems to have a smoother ride through it? There you have it..
Your blessing waits for you on your path. You can leave now or face more disappointment.

So many older people’s advice to the younger generation is ridden with regrets, and you don’t want to do that to yourself…

Now while there is still time, we must go to God to get the clear picture of who we are to become.

You don’t try to create a nice picture of you to please God. We submit ourselves to Him to create the perfect picture of us so that will please Him. And after that, He announces us and we find out that everything we need comes to us with little or no struggle.

When you announce yourself, no one listens but when God announces you, everyone listens.
When you announce yourself, you will struggle on the journey and may never make it, but when God announces you, everything that will make your journey smooth is activated.

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