From Love To Scorn. Part 3

For better understanding of this, please refer to Thursday’s read(FROM LOVE TO SCORN part 1)

Dear lady in courtship, I can imagine you bubbling with joy and excitement. I can imagine you blushing. Your prince has knocked on your door and you are about to let him in.
You can’t wait to live the rest of your life with this man; to share your joy, sorrow, body and soul with Mr wonderful.

Every lady has this beautiful picture of how she wants her home to be. Her dream home is where love overcomes all. This dream is welcomed and as a matter of fact, is what marriage is meant to be like.

But have you wondered why the story changes within a short time into the marriage? Have you taken time to find out the things that could cause this? Well this is where you have an advantage, you can nip this issue in the bud by employing the right knowledge.
Here are some of the things that could turn LOVE to SCORN for a lady in courtship

● Marrying for the wrong reasons: This can never be overemphasized as its one of the leading causes of love turned sour. When your ‘love’ is hinged only on the outward like looks or wealth. A poor man can become rich overnight and a rich man can become poor overnight. This is because the things that are seen are temporal.
● Prayerlessness: A woman who doesn’t have the right relationship with God will not have the right relationship with any man. Through prayers, you in partnership with God can address the future, such that no matter the storm that comes your way, you will remain stable.
● High Expectations: one of the biggest errors ladies in courtship make is that they forget that they are marrying a ‘man’; a human who has vices, most of which won’t be noticed during courtship and as a result they unknowingly place a high expectation of perfection alongside their love for the man. This gets them disappointed a little while into the marriage and of course, any love hinged on expectations dwindle when the expectations aren’t met.
● Lack of maturity or proper education: Dear lady in courtship, you cannot employ what you don’t have. When you lack the right knowledge, you wouldn’t understand the intricacies in marriage. So seek to learn and grow into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maturity before you say ‘I do’.

Dear lady in courtship, if you do not address the necessities before marriage, you would believe that the man is the problem when in actuality, you would do the same even if the man were to be replaced a hundred times. Therefore submit yourself to God so that He can plant true love that doesn’t fade away inside of you.

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