From Love To Scorn. Part 2

Love is the first ingredient in any marriage. And the both individuals involved must come to the marriage with their own. Because a one-sided love marriage may likely sink. A perfect example is the marriage between king David and Michal.

Meditating on the union between king David and Michal, something struck me. There was never love in the heart of king David towards Michal. Michal thought what she felt so deeply and consuming towards her husband was love. To her surprise, it was lust. She was carried away because he was a hero.

Michal married a hero while king David married the king’s daughter.

Do your research and you will agree with me that marriages that were built for any material reason, never last. In the process of time what they thought was love turns to scorn.

Aside from involving God in your marriage, ensure there is love in your heart for him and the same in his heart for you.
Let your marriage never be built on his profession, financial status, expertise, vocabularies, charisma etc else it will surely fail.

Michal saw David perform a hero act and she fell for it. When they got married, she even chose and defended her husband before her father the king. But in the process of time, she expected him to act as a hero because that is what she married but he never did even when he had opportunities. He instead always sought the face of God before he takes a step.

She never saw David to be one who can dance for his God and even go naked in the process. She thought everyday, David will be performing a hero act. She also never imagined challenges in the course of her marriage. She thought everyday would be eating, drinking, parading, love making and going shopping any day she wants.

She never knew, she was marrying a praiseful and praying man. She never knew she was marrying a dancing and jovial man. She never knew she was marrying a man whose days will be filled with war and challenges.

David never loved her the way he loved Bathsheba and Abigail because he didn’t find her. She was given to him without stress.

Marriage is deep and it is only God who knows what every one’s marital journey involves because He alone knows the end from the beginning. So why not get Him involved before you step into this journey.

Are you still single waiting to be hitched or courting about to be wedded then please take advantage of these;
● Never be desperate to be married.
● Never marry any man who is more interested in your status than your person.
● Never think of settling with a man who you really don’t love.
● Never marry out of pity, praise or approval. Be sure you love him.
● Marriage is not only about compatibility but also about being complementary.
● Pause the wedding once you signal danger or fear.
● Above all, let God lead you and not lust or infatuation.

When it comes to the future, we are so myopic but there is One who is Omniscient and Omnipresent.
Let Him lead you always.

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