From Love To Scorn. Part 1

Her father was not in support of her marriage. For some reason, her husband outshone her father who was the king. He had her admiration so much that she deceived her father to keep him safe. He was her hero, just as he was the hero of every lady.

She loved his sturdiness, his musical talent, his reasoning and fearlessness. But most especially she loved how he was never moved by peoples’ opinions. He did whatever he believed in and never cared how people saw it.
She used to swoon at his presence.

But as she looked through the window and saw him dancing wildly, barely clad, Michal couldn’t contain the disgust swelling inside her. Her contempt filled eyes shot lasers at David, her husband. She despised him the most because she knows one thing about him, he didn’t care what anyone thought of his appearance. He never did, and she used to love that about him. Now she wondered why she loved that or even any other thing about him.
David did not change much, but where did things go wrong? At what point did it go from love to scorn?

It’s very easy to point accusing fingers at Michal but dear married lady, in your eyes, is your husband still the same man you loved during your courtship and honeymoon? Or are you looking at him and wondering why you liked this man in the first place?

When you look at him, do you see those things that made you smile and admire him, or do you keep seeing reasons to be disrespectful to him?

During courtship, you always said “I believe in you” but after marriage, the language changes to “what can you even do?”
At what point did that change? Can you tell where things went wrong?

Dear lady in courtship, while smiling as you are remembering him, are you confident that it would remain like that 2 years later? Where are you building this confidence? Are you building it for the right reasons or the wrong reasons?

Please ponder on this dear friend. Take a reflective walk into your life and marriage and all the places things have gone wrong.
We will address the many possible reasons love can turn to scorn.

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