Freewill: A Blessing Or Curse?

I set my heart to ponder on why mankind is in such a sorry state despite the fact that man is the most superior of all of God’s creation. As I wondered about this, questions began to arise in my heart. 

Have you ever seen an orange tree suddenly begin to produce banana fruits? No.

Have you ever seen a snake decide not to crawl anymore? Not ever.

Have you ever seen the Earth decide not to rotate again and therefore no day or night anymore? Not possible.

Or have you ever seen a fish decide that it didn’t need the water anymore? Impossible. 

Except there is an obvious influence from God, these will never happen. This is because they don’t have any other choice but to do what they have been created to do. Since all generations ever since creation, they have always been doing the same things without change, and they will remain like that for ages to come. Why? You may ask. This is because it is how God created them. So they are more or less biological robots, without the ability to decide or not to decide to do the things that they were created to do. 

And then I wondered, what did God do differently when he created man? We seem to be the only creation not abiding by God’s expectations from us. What then made the difference? 

The answer came to me; FREE-WILL!! He made us beings with free-will. And I was forced to question if it was a blessing or a curse.

God indeed intended it to be a blessing to us. He intends for us to be fruitful and to multiply. He told us that we’ll be creative and innovative but we are using it against ourselves. He gave us the free will in order to choose good, choose Him, resist the devil’s temptation and influence, choose love, choose to forgive offences, choose to spend time with Him(God) despite obvious distractions.

But instead, evil is chosen above good, hate instead of love, mankind has chosen to be deceived by the devil instead of resisting him, mankind has chose vengeance in the place of forgiveness, backbiting instead of interceding, gossip instead of burden bearing. We even have those who have choosen life partners of the same sex and change their genders at will.

Do you know that if God decides to take away our free will,  we will still please Him? We will because we will have no other choice but to do that. 

But that is not His nature. For instance, He as God chooses to be good despite the evil of mankind, and since we were created in His image and likeness, it was only natural that He gave us free-will. 

The beauty of our usefulness to God is when we consciously choose Him. 

And for those who do, there is no limit to their productivity or reward(1corinthian 2:9). 

Easier said than done right? 

But dear friends God understands that it won’t be easy to make these choices with our present situation as mankind, and therefore He has made a provision to help us choose. He would like us to submit our willpower to Him so that when it gets tough He can help us choose(prov 3:5). Jesus demonstrated this perfectly in the garden of gethsemane where He prayed and said not my will but Yours be done. We all know how God helped Him to fulfill the greatest task on the planet Earth.

So dear friends, God has so many things in store for us but we must choose Him and if we are finding it difficult then we can submit our willpower to Him and let Him help us to choose. 

The ability to choose was given to us as a blessing and not a curse. Please make it a blessing to yourself and let it not be a curse because one day we shall all account for what we did with our choices. May God help us to choose right.

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