Follow The Cloud.

Have you ever travelled by ship at sea? If you haven’t, Don’t worry, I haven’t either.
But if you’ve ever watched a movie or documentary where someone travelled by a boat far into the sea, then you will understand.

In the middle of the sea, where there is no land or landmark in sight. They do not erect signposts or milestones inside the sea to show you how far you are gone, or which way New York or Lagos is.
The sea has no map. So is the desert.

The desert has no land mark. There is no tree or house in sight to make you know you are headed to Morocco or Saudi Arabia.
Everywhere looks exactly the same and so every slight turn could lead you in the wrong direction.
Worst of all, even if you were told to move only straight, you would never know whether you are still in the straight line or whether you have made a 5 degree turn. Even such insignificant turn matters in the long run.

This was the case for the Israelites, which made God to send them a cloud. They moved only by the cloud’s leading.
This cloud served the purpose of direction and protection from the scorching desert sun. It also made them aware of God’s presence in their journey, this made them self conscious and careful.

Now let’s imagine that a group of Israelites decided to keep moving when the cloud stopped? They would move ahead of the cloud and in the vast hot desert, they will simply wander on until they became dehydrated and roasted to death.

Such is the pathway of every child of God. There is a cloud of direction and protection hovering above every child of God.

No one knows the road to your end except God. If he does not lead you, no one can lead you aright. This is why it is very important for a child of God to have a solid relationship with God before any man.
When your relationship is solid, he can direct you to the right relationships. All these are guaranteed under the cloud of God for you.

Many are in relationships, businesses, jobs that are in a totally different direction from their clouds and may be doing well, but not according to God’s intent of success for them.

Many have lost the direction, protection and presence of God because they allowed ungodly relationships to change their course of journey. They are rapidly headed to devastation. But that shouldn’t be your case dear Christian.

In whatever you do, please carefully examine if the presence of God is with you, if it is not, please go back and retrace your steps.
Go back and find your cloud for it could be that it stopped somewhere or it’s moving in a totally different direction.

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