Feel Good About Your Good

I greeted her but she but she seemed to be so engrossed in a feeling that I could not relate to. So I wanted to make my purchase and leave, but before I realized it, I was already asking her if she was okay.

She sighed as though to let off frustration. “Can you stream?” She thundered,  ” A very costly pair of trousers that these people left outside, I kept it safe for them and returned it. But there was not even a single word of thank you from these people”. She spat out in utmost disdain.

I could feel the heat of her contempt; the fact hat her goodwill was met with ill-treatment was destroying her,  eating rapidly into her soul and the fumes came out through her mouth with decisions to never help them or anyone else..

She needed to be distracted as soon as possible to prevent further further damage. She needed to feel good about her good deeds. So,  filled with empathy, being able to relate to her experience, I found myself saying “Ma’am please do not let anyone make you feel bad for doing the good that you did. It will hurt you and not even them. Instead please thank God that He gave you the heart to be able to do good. Such a heart is not common and should be celebrated.”

Almost at once, I could feel her breath lighten. And that self eating monster stopped.

And I left.

Dear friends, there is a reason why “Thank you” is among the magic words. If someone does you good, thank the person. It just might be the only good thing the person has received that day.

If you are doing good to anyone, please as much as possible, do it without expecting anything. It keeps you from destroying yourself

If you do good and it is ill-treated, rather  than spending the whole time loathing, rejoice and thank God who gave you the ability because it means you are further away in life than many others.. Your reward is with the One who never fails to bless every good deed.

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