Eat, Grow and Glow

Have you ever heard the lyrics of this song; Some have food but cannot eat

Some can eat but have no food

We have food that we can eat

Glory be to God.

The above song lyrics are so true and not true.

A lot of illnesses now are on the rampage. The young, including babies can be affected by the illnesses known to be for the old. Diseases now have no respecter of persons. What can kill the old also kills the young no matter your carefulness or ignorance.

You may wonder why a lot of middle-aged and aged people are on diets. It’s because they need to be healthy and fit in order to live more. Your healthy living depends largely on what you eat. Ignore it and become malnourished.

Your growth largely depends on the food you eat.

It is even at this teen stage that you need to eat more if you must grow and be healthy. Nevertheless, never eat excessively else, you may not recover from the outcome. You will go out of shape and even fall sick in the future. I know you won’t want that.

Do you want to be healthy, maintain a good shape, to grow, glow, be attractive and successful? If you truly desire these then, you must eat. Keep eating. You can’t be overweight but balanced. This food is delicious. It can never cause you sickness or pain.


Now, I rephrase the lyrics of the song:

 All have food but some wish to eat.

All can eat but some refuse to eat.

You have food and you refuse to eat.

The Word of God is available to all but just a few teenagers eat it. You think you still have time. You think you’re still very young but unknown to you that time flies without thinking about you nor your age.

You’re not too young to read, have focus, redirect your life and inspire lives.

Let me tell you one of the  regrets of the old: they never ate the Word of God when they were young and had opportunities to. So lack of this Food(Word of God) brought pain, stunted growth, shame and failure that left a scar to remember.

You want to be great in life and relevant to God, then you must eat His Food prepared by Him.

Your growth, glow and good success lies in your excessive eating of His Word.

Start today and make it a habit.

You will be the most admired amongst your peers because your life will have a total turn around that will sustain you for the future.

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