Dress It And Keep It. Part 1

Are you familiar with these words? “Dress and keep it.” You should, if you read the scriptures of truth (The Holy Bible). That was the instruction God gave the first man Adam when He put him in the garden of Eden.

Adam did not understand the full implications of that instruction. He never knew He needed to war, so as to keep his territory. He played casually on God’s instruction to him.

God seeing the need of a helper, for Adam made Eve. Eve was to help Adam dress and keep the garden but she failed in her responsibility. They were so casual about their territory and the devil came in with conversation.

They were to dress it for it to be comfortable for God to dwell. They were to keep it against infiltration by the devil.

Adam and Eve failed in their responsibility and were cursed. They both lost their beautiful garden and needed to start all over again.

The instruction God gave to Adam and placed Eve there as a helper, is the same instruction God has given every home. To DRESS IT AND KEEP IT.

Your home is your garden. It looks and sounds very easy and casual but it requires warring daily.

Alot of people think that dressing good, their status, being independent, making good food, sex and children can keep their home. So they fail to go to the greater Helper for help. Their certificates, skills etc become their helping tools.

They become disappointed once they get into their garden because their helping tools fail them. They realize they are naked. They become ashamed. They go into hiding because they failed to DRESS IT AND KEEP IT.

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