Don’t Demand Submission If You’re Not ready To Love

Medical doctors/nurses always say, “we cure but God heals. So also, courtship helps, but God is the perfectionist of Marriage/Marriages. Though He will always want us to do our part, yet He requires our total dependence on Him.

God has given us the golden secret and commandment that can sustain a marriage but so many disdain this secret or find fault in it and dwell so much on the promises made during courtship.

The secret and commandment are in Ephesians 5:22-33 and Ist Thessalonians 5:17.

So many women of this present generation detest the word submission. They see submission as synonymous with slavery. While many men love the word submission but are ignorant of the real meaning of love.

Submission and love are in tandem with each other. She who is being loved must be submissive and he who is being submitted to, must show love. You want your husband to love you then submit. You want your wife to keep honouring you by being submissive then show her love.

Two married men who are friends were chatting about their women (wives). Mr. Abel complained so bitterly of his wife how she isn’t humble, teachable but rather nags and always bitter. He concluded that women are just so complicated. Mr. John on the other hand, talked so praisefully about his wife and told his friend she’s a ruby.

They talked about other things and ended their discussion. As they were about to part Mr. Abel said to his friend “I am indeed an eye-witness to your marriage and all I can say is you’re a lucky man.” Mr. John immediately replied and said “there’s nothing like luck but rather I always use the correct key on my woman”.

Mr. Abel asked what key? He told him, I simply love her by demonstrating and saying it always. We also do have our moments of disagreement but because she knows I love her, we win over the agreement. Men who complain about complicated wives are those who don’t know what love is all about and are not ready to study love.

They both parted ways as soon as they were done chatting. It was not up to 10 mins after Mr. John got home when he received an incoming call from his friend.

” I forgot to ask what key you are using on your wife?” Asked  Mr. Abel. The key is in the Bible. 1st Corinthians 13. I did not just read it but studied it and I constantly pray for my wife.

He thanked him again as he ended the call.

We never first loved God, He first did love us. In His loving love towards us, He won our heart and we are ever willing to submit to His will. If you want your home to be graced and favored then, first love your woman don’t wait for her to first submit.

If you keep complaining and saying negative things about your wife, her attitude towards you will always be negative. If you say she’s complicated then you will daily reap complications from her. Your words can make or mar you.

A growing and glowing marriage is one where the both partners who are one agree to work together and play their parts.

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