Don’t Bank On Your Experience

When Elisha became the attendant of Elijah, he was not a trainee prophet, neither was he the son of a prophet. He had no basic training on the things of the spirit.

In that time, there were lots of trainee prophets, they were people who were trained to understand spiritual principles and to know when something is about to happen.

They have been taught to know and read the signs of the heaven insomuch that they knew when God wanted to take the prophet Elijah.

Elisha wasn’t taught all these, he was just a farmer who was approached by Elijah,he just attended to Elijah and was devoted to him. He came with the willing heart of a servant. Not a degree holder, not the mind of those who said: “we have been here for long, we know how it is done so don’t tell me what to do”.

His mind was that of “master what must be done?”. He was the one who was willing to walk with his master to the very end even while being discouraged by those who supposedly knew better.
In the end, God selected him to succeed Elijah.

Dear christian, dear person who has been in church for years, who knows how things are done, God is not in search of the most experienced person.

He is not looking for the one who has been in church the longest. He is not after you because you are the one that all the pastors knows. He is looking for the person who will walk sincerely to the end. The one who has a heart to learn and serve.

Don’t let an Elisha come from no where and take up your ministry while you have been there for many years. You must seek to be the person that God can use.

God does not want you to be able to recite the scripture back to back, He wants you to live out what you have understood, no matter how little.

Being a child of God is about having His life seen in you, not just being able to preach the scriptures.

This is the reason why so many Christians are stagnant in virtue but abundant in words. True maturity in Christ is evident in the increase in your receptiveness to his word, rather than the number of years or experience you have in the church.

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