Do We Really Need To Pray?

Excuse me but what???

What kind of question is that?

Of course we should! If we don’t pray, how can anything good come to us? If we don’t, how can God know that you need His help?

But let me ask you? Do you think that there is even a slightest chance that God can actually do what we wish without us asking for it? Even the slightest chance… of course

With this you will know that it’s not about prayer itself but our whole attitude to God.

You see God is an emotional being, in fact He is the most emotional being there ever was… Anything called emotion came from Him. That means He also responds according to His feelings.. He has likes and dislikes.

As a person with feelings, He knows and understands what you need and also, He really wants to know that you also share His interest, after all isn’t that the basis of relationships?

What is your proof of relationship with God? How serious do you take God? How far do you go, to make Him feel happy, just as you want Him to make you happy? All these form the basis of your prayer, it makes your prayers either a greedy whine or a communion. And answer this? Is God a servant who has been hired to appease your every whine?

How many “God, what can I do for You today” or “God, how do You want me to go about this” as opposed to “God I need this and that” are in your prayers. Our prayers often sound like we are trying to use God to fulfil our own dreams. And so many prayers go unanswered.

Does this sound like you?

Prayer to God is a necessary two way communion where interests and needs are shared and received. Don’t make your prayer time all about you alone.

When our walk with God is all about Him, we might not even need to pray and yet we get what we want, but when our walk with God is all about ourselves, we might keep praying but never get what we want.

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