Distinguished or Undistinguished

Dear Teen,

It is said that the moment a man dies, everyone including his enemies profess love to him. On the contrary, I was so sad and dispirited when I attended the funeral of a man who was about 65years old. I was sad on hearing the things those present at the funeral said about him. No one spoke any good concerning him. Some people were so happy while some made grave comments. Others ate at his graveside to dishonor him. What a sad thing to see!

I wanted to know and understand why there seemed to be so much joy in the hearts of the people and then I realised that he didn’t play his life’s card well. He didn’t live a life of distinction while on earth; he had so many bad records and not a credit of good works. Even his own family rejoiced too and that was the height of it.

According to the information i gathered, he never showed any act of kindness to anyone, neither did he let his money wipe the tears of the poor and orphans.

I moved closer and called the attention of his daughter to paid my due condolences. She seemed so distracted with ecstasy, so, I craved her indulgence to see her in private.

I introduced myself as her father’s business colleague and her reply left me with goose bumps. She said “I hope you have a better life different from that of the man inside that grave”. What a shame!

I showed concern and then she told me all my heart was yearning to know. She narrated everything beginning from her dad’s early life to his death. She told me how his parents (her grandparents) regretted having him due to his lifestyle. He lived without imparting a soul in any form.

You see? He was such a liability to mother earth.

He made so much wealth but never cared about others. Always rude to his workers; despised anyone who came across him and sadly, didn’t regard God. Today, here he is without a single honor, credit or distinction to his over six decades of life.

What a wasted life!

Is this how you would want to end your life, having no occasion of being loved even at death? If No, start now to make amends.

Remember, building for the later life begins now as a young person.

If he had lived in the way I employ you to live now, there would have been some tongues speaking to his credit.

What kind of image are you building for yourself and your future generation? If you lead a commendable lifestyle you will leave your children with some fortunes and above all, your name wouldn’t be wiped from the history of humanity.

Don’t just live by inhaling and exhaling, ingesting and excreting, sleeping and waking. Live to affect lives and to have a good record among men even when you’re gone.

I ask you again : after your life here is over, will you be celebrated and distinguished or mocked and undistinguished?

Think about it and choose wisely.

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