Different Shades of Glory

The moment God handed the sceptre of authority to man, He made it so that man should exude glory according to how He(God) had purposed. (Genesis 1:28).

Permit me to say the arrival of a woman into this project increases the expectation of exudence of this glory. This is because she carries the grace to discharge a more significant measure of the likeness of God through childbearing.

God, in His divine wisdom, surrounded the woman with God and a god (the man) to constantly remind her of her role. Such a beautiful plan, right? 

Her role is to preserve posterity and exude glory.

Whose glory? The glory of God the Father. (John 1:16)

The manifestation of this glory is to be seen by all men (Matthew 5:16) with the intent that they who are witnesses of this glory might look to God in appreciation.

As we know, glory is an emanation of light supposed to shine from especially Holy beings.

The being in our context is mankind, created in God’s Holy image. (Genesis 1:27)

This glory manifests only when we have a connection with God and with god(man) – God, the Creator, and god(husband), who is the head of the woman.  Without an effective and intimate relationship between these two, the connection is lost, automatically affecting the manifestation of the glory.

This is why some women exude incomplete  ‘glory,’ different shades of ‘glory,’ and even total absence of glory.

The concept is that man should be joined to God to become one body and produce the same result – showing forth the glory of God (1 Corinthians 6:17).

When the most delicate creature (woman) loses this focus, a lot begins to breed in the home. A different person comes up, and her actions automatically get transformed by simply not aligning with the source of true glory.

When this happens, watch out for different shades of ‘glory.’

Remember, for every original, there is always a counterfeit.

When the original concept of showing God’s glory is lost, there is an alternative concept from the enemy, which causes the woman to produce other shades of ‘glory’ that are different from the prototype.

This is a call to keep watch, to ensure that one is still in that original plan to show the true Glory Of The Creator.

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