DD: Destructive Distractions

I’m always strengthened, enlightened, and charged when I study the scriptures and more so when I study it with my husband or a group of persons. There’s this feeling and satisfaction it gives and honestly, it cannot be compared to anything in the world.

Such moments are priceless because they grow my intimacy with the One in whom I live, move, and have my whole being.

The devil knows what our regular time alone with God can do to and for us. He is well informed of what constant fellowship with like-minded seekers of God can do and undo. He dreads when we are well-informed and utilize the knowledge. 

So, his first step is to keep us in darkness and he does this by making us ignorant of the truth. Cutting us off from whatever and whoever can be a link to the knowledge(truth) that sets us free. 

If he fails in his first step, he goes to the next step. Do you know why? It is because the devil doesn’t give up. He knows the power of persistence. Giving up is not in his genetic code. The devil persists because he is hopeful that if he doesn’t win today, tomorrow is another day. His faith is with work and that work is called perseverance.

Once we have gotten what he dreads and that’s Knowledge, he immediately strategizes and pushes for the next step and that’s Distraction.

It’s okay to be distracted if it’s healthy. Distraction can help deal with pain, grief, stress, or uncomfortable realities. Healthy distractions can be tools to build strength, skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy for the future. But it’s our prerogative to know when the would-say healthy distraction has achieved its purpose. We have to identify when we have veered off from our priorities.   

The devil’s main goal is to distract us from our priorities and any other important pursuit of growth that will take us to the place of greatness and peace. 

As humans, we are created to dominate. But as children of God, we are not just created to dominate but to be a light and salt of the earth. 

The devil is so interested in dimming our lights and he achieves this by distracting us from seeking to fulfill God’s plan and  purpose for our lives which in turn glorifies God. 

To be ahead of the devil, having the right knowledge and applying it to overcome these destructive distractions is the key and way forward.

These distractions can be toxic friendships, indecision/poor decisions, laziness, regrets, grudges, negative thinking, poor boundaries(inability to set boundaries), games, social media, etc.

Honestly write out all you think or know to be a distraction to you. The things or persons that distract you from building and having intimacy with God. The things or persons that distract you from developing that skill, growing, and becoming a better you today than yesterday in life and career.  

Carefully, honestly, and thoughtfully answer these questions and do the needful.

  • The distractions I permit to engage my space, are they worth it?
  • Am I moulded into a better version of myself by these distractions?
  • What do I gain from these distractions or what value have these distractions added to my life?
  • Do these distractions make me more productive?
  • Have these distractions developed my skills?
  • What roles do my friends play in my life?
  • Can I manage these distractions or do I eliminate/disconnect from them?

Distraction is one of the devil’s swift tools against anyone, especially children of God and it’s destructive when we allow these distractions to control and pattern our lives. Distractions make one’s life unproductive and bring one to the end road of disaster, shame, and regret.

The best time to kill unhealthy distractions is now. 

  • Align yourself with the right thinking and purpose-driven people.
  • Find a worthy person who is willing to help you walk through this path and who you will be answerable to.

As we put on might to fight this demon called distraction, may God Almighty supply abundant enabling grace to always win in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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    Amen 🙏

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