Comfort Versus Purpose

There are defining moments in the life of everyone; especially in the life of every child of God. These moments question who you really are and the choices you make in these moments redirect your life; for better or for worse. These are the times you choose who you will be known as, and what the world will know and remember about you.

Moses in the bible is an example of this situation. He was by birth a Hebrew but by adoption, an Egyptian. He was by virtue a Hebrew but by appearance an Egyptian. The circumstances surrounding his birth made him grow up as both Egyptian and Israelite and as long as things were stable, both parts of him co-existed silently.

But when the defining moment came, there was a conflict between the two identities in him. And he was left with the option of choosing only one and giving up the other.

Egypt was a place of comfort while Israel was a place of slavery.
Egypt gave him prestige while Israel made him a nobody.
But Israel made his purpose in life clear, while Egypt made it blurred, almost non existent.
Moses chose purpose over comfort.

Dear child of God, you will come to that point where you question who you are meant to be, especially in the program of God. That point might require that you do away with certain attitude, or mindset which in time past has been a place of escape/comfort for you.

You will come to the point where the Egypt in you will fight the Israel in you and you have to choose the side you will identify with. At that time, no matter how comfortable the robe of Egypt is, remember that that robe doesn’t make you an Egyptian. Remember that God has a specific purpose for you and that His will surpasses every other thing.

What’s your purpose? Find it in God, pursue it and live it.

Living comfortable without a purpose is a bed of destruction.
The real comfort is in living your purpose.

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