Closer To The Source

The only source of light in the room at the moment was my mobile phone, the storm had taken out the power. While I was writing, I noticed a very large shadow darkened the room and almost immediately disappeared. I didn’t have to look before knowing what it was, an ant walking across the light over and over again.

It was so small, and yet it was able to cast a shadow that interrupted me because it was closer to the source of light. 

This is not the case with every light and shadow but it spoke greatly to me. Have you noticed that sometimes when you are closer to a source of light, your shadow gets bigger, but as you retreat, it gradually diminishes. We played with this occurrence as kids. We moved back until it became invisible, and moved forward again.

If we want our shadow (influence) to be wide enough to cover multitudes, we must go closer to the source of light. You cannot be far from the light and expect to cast a wide influence.

Peter’s shadow cast healing because he had drawn closer to the source of life (Acts 5:15-16). Do you want to cast a healing shadow? Draw closer to the Source of healing.

Do you want to cast a love shadow? Draw close to the one who is Love Himself.

Do you want to cast a shadow of the gospel? Draw close to Jesus.

Do you want to cast a shadow of wealth? Draw close to God, the source. The earth is the Lord’s with all its fullness.

Perhaps the reason you haven’t grown as much as you would wish is because you are far from the Light. Draw close to God and He will enlarge you, he will lift you and magnify you.


GOOD NEWS: It doesn’t matter how small you think you are, the light does not know size, the moment you draw close, you will cast a shadow large enough to disrupt the flow of this world, just as a little ant did to me.

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