Checkmating Greed

Sometimes, we get so lost in the process of living our lives that the lines between two different things keeps thinning down. This happens until we can no longer tell the true motive behind our actions.

For example when one feels so defeated and starts feeling timid and unsure, that inferiority complex could disguise as humility. On the other hand, when one feels so much that he/she has nothing to fear, pride can disguise as courage.

These lines thin down when we neglect to properly and constantly examine ourselves.

There is one of such which is very common today and especially in our present society which runs a system of ‘survival of the fittest’.

The situation is such that our value systems have been mixed up such that the things that matter are disregarded while premium is placed on the mundane.

Such as the case of greed.
Jesus had His own way of defining it: measuring life by possession(mark 8:36)
This is when your sense of worth is tied to the amount of your possession.

Greed equates a person’s worth with a person’s purse.
You got a lot = you are a lot.
You got a little = you are little.

The consequence of such philosophy is the desire to acquire more. It might come with as many excuses as there are in the world but the fact behind it is that, you are the totality of what you own, nothing more. As a result unfortunately, this has caused many, including Christians to resort to uncomely means to acquire wealth.

There is a very simple checklist you can use:
Greed is not usually measured by what a thing costs, but what it costs you.
When next you want something, you can sit down and ask yourself, what will this cost you?
If it costs you your faith,
If it costs you your integrity,
If it will cost another person, that is at the expense of another’s faith or integrity, image or even justice
If it will cost you your virtue
If it will cost your your relationship with God, etc
Then no matter the reason you give for going after it, it is most likely caused by greed.

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