Change Your Focus, Change Your Life.

Have you struggled to change your life or situations but to no avail? Have you tried different strategies but nothing worked still? It just might be time to ask yourself a salient question “WHERE EXACTLY IS MY FOCUS”?.

All this time you may have been focused on your problems because you want to get out of them, but you have been focusing on the wrong thing. If you want to get out of a situation,
“Don’t focus on that situation but rather focus on the solution”.

This is a very subtle one because there is a thin line between the two. But that thin line is what makes the difference. And sometimes you don’t even know you are focusing wrong.

The fact is that whatever you focus on, expands. Therefore, if you focus on the problem and how it is affecting you, you will see the different complexities of the problem. The problem becomes more clearer as the days pass by, and the more you try to get out of them, the more complex they become.

But if you decide to change your focus, and fix your focus on the solution, it also becomes more clearer as the days pass by, and each step becomes more and more attainable. When we focus on the problem, we lose out on the opportunities that could arise to lift us out of them.

If Joseph had focused on his pitiable situation of constant injustice, he wouldn’t have been prepared when the opportunity met him. Joseph was more focused on his integrity and His relationship with God.
When we focus on the problem, we subject ourselves to unnecessary fear and pressure.

If Daniel had focused on the Lions, he would not have compromised his faith easily. He would have been cowering for fear of lions that have already been commanded not to hurt him.

If the Hebrew children were focused on the furnace of fire, they would not have been to move God to send His Son to come as the 4th man in the fire.

The ultimate focus is on God. There is no situation you are in that is oblivious to God. GOD wants you to shift your attention away from your problems, and fix your attention on Him, because He(God) knows everything you need.

This aspect is so important that God instructed on it severally. Many times, He instructed His children to shift their attention away from what He knew was their major problem or need.
For example, He Knew that Abraham needed a child, He told him to: ‘walk before me and be thou perfect.’

He knew the needs of Israelites in transit from Egypt to the promised land, but He commanded them to: ‘Be Ye holy for I The Lord is Holy’. He knows our need for wealth, so He commands us: ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..’ etc.

No matter what the situation is today, keep one thing in mind: ‘When you focus on your problem, every bad thing associated with it will focus on you. But when you focus on God, every good thing associated with Him will focus on you.

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