Let me explain it in very simple terms. Carcinoma is the medical word for cancer. Abnormal and mutated cells that are completely useless but have the ability to grow faster and more aggressively than normal useful cells of the body. What these cells do is to use up the nutrients the body needs to grow and maintain normal cells, while starving and suffocating the useful cells. They end up becoming a mass of useless growth spread across their organ of origin, suffocating the body and releasing toxic waste products until the body yields in death.

Think vengeance

Vengeance is a personal retaliatory action taken against someone for some perceived injustice. When you want to give back the wrong that was done against you. This action is usually preceded by moments of bitterness and anger.
During this periods, all your mind does, is to roam around searching for the most painful way to execute your plans. It is very important that we understand that God has claimed the right to vengeance making it totally unnecessary and ultimately useless to us. But these unnecessary and useless need, takes hold of us and begin its aggressive and rapid growth inside us.

It utilizes our God-given power of infinite thinking which was intended to help us find ways to better our lives and find solutions. We use them to think of ways to cause harm.

It utilizes our power of meditation. While it was intended to draw us closer to God, we use it to roam around inwardly in hatred.

It takes hold of the various abilities God gave to us to live a prosperous life and channel it to this unwanted, unnecessary and useless desire ravishing our mental, physical and spiritual health while producing toxic waste of bitterness, anger and aggression in us.

It is so severe that in some, it leads them to untimely death.

Dear friends, God has what it takes to neutralize the negativity of vengeance, and that is why He undertook to be our avenger. He is the only one that can execute justice without it taking a piece of Him.

He wants us to be our wholesome self and stay far away from such toxic emotions.

So put your trust in God especially when you feel wronged about something. After-all the best form of revenge is goodness.

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