Board of Trustees

Who is a trustee?
A trustee is one who is trusted. Trusted by a person or organization such that some important roles are given to them with the belief that they will deliver without fail.

When you begin to trust God, with time you become trustee.

Abraham trusted God and God trusted him. When you begin to trust God, God will trust you that He can’t do anything without revealing it to you. God doesn’t just trust. Before he trusts, He test, He tries, and then trusts.

Trust comes with a Test.

When a person trusts another, he releases himself to be vulnerable to the person he has trusted. This is why when a person’s trust is broken he rarely can trust again because that vulnerability breaks a man.

When God trusts a man, God becomes vulnerable to that person. Just like in the case of Job.

Every test and trial leads to a new level of trust. A point comes when a man is said to be a member of the God’s board of trustees and it all starts with a man putting his trust in God.

The founding fathers of the United States of America understood that the foundation of their country must be built on trust and so their Motto says “In God we trust.”

The question now is, in whom or what do we trust?

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