Blinded To See

Saul of Tarsus was a man who was filled with;
Self awareness, religion awareness and what he thought was the reason for his existence.

He had very strong knowledge of the “truth” he had always known, a truth he could never lose sight of naturally. As a result he became unyielding and it was impossible to convince him otherwise about his religious inclination. He was groomed in that way, so he had full sight of it and he fought for it to the extent of shedding blood for it’s sake. He searched every nook and cranny, went into the ant hole and went house to house fishing out those who stand against what he believes in.

Paul became so busy searching everywhere in Jerusalem and all the way to Damascus that he was unable to search within himself. He couldn’t see anything on the inside because he was too occupied searching on the outside.

He was speedily and furiously pursuing the outward so much that God needed to completely blind him to them. God sent a light so powerful that Paul couldn’t see anything else. The light rerouted his vision and forced him to look inwards by making it impossible to see outward.

When he opened his eyes, he saw no man, he saw no horse, he saw no jew, no unbeliever, he saw no law and he saw nothing but himself and the voice in the light. His eyes were opened but he saw nothing because it was no more the outer eyes but the inner eyes. For 3 days, Paul was roaming within himself, what he thought was the truth, the blood he shed, the truth that these people proclaimed, and what the light told him and he couldn’t even eat. When God found out that his physical eyes were now ready to see the real truth, He gave him back his sight and as soon as he opened his eyes, he started to see differently and his life never remained the same.

Dear Christian, why is there no change in your life?
Why are you moving around in circles even while believing that you know the truth?
Why is your life moving south even though you have been hearing the word of God for many years?
Could it be that you are looking at things on the outside rather than on the inside?
How well have you used the words you hear to search within yourself?
Do you use it to find the faults within yourself? Or is it that anytime a word is preached, there is someone you know who you wish was there to hear that word?

No! Dear Christian, you will never grow that way.
For as long as your sight lies more outside of yourself, you would spot the places lacking in others, but when your sight lies more on the inside, you would spot out the places lacking in yourself and improve on them.
So if you must grow, dear christian, you must be blinded to the outward in order to see in the inwards.

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