Blessings Or Losses

When Jesus cast out demons from the possessed man and allowed the demons into a nearby flock of swine, leading to their death, the swine keepers witnessed two things on that day;

1. The greatest miracle as far as their lives and experiences were concerned.

2. Loss of their properties.

So they had two stories to tell when they ran back. They could either tell the story dwelling on the miracle, or tell the story dwelling on the losses. However they told the story was going to be how Jesus will be accepted and perceived in their city.

They chose to dwell on their loss and Jesus became a man who was responsible for their loss, instead of the man who could turn things around in their lives and that community.

They rejected Jesus and missed out on all the wonderful things and miracles recorded in history. They didn’t partake in that because they chose to count their losses.

What they saw Jesus as, was who He actually became to them.

Dear friend, how do you see Jesus and His invitation to you? How do you see running to Jesus and giving your life to Him?

Are you imagining all the good things that can come out of it, or are you fixated on the things you know you have to give up?

How do you view Christianity? Is it from the point of view of what it can afford you now and in eternity? Or from the standpoint of all the ‘Thou shall nots’?

Christians who have accepted Christ, how do you see the instructions of God on giving? Is it from the standpoint of what the benefits are, or are you only seeing how much will be going away from you?

Child of God, who is Jesus to you? Is He a taker or a giver?

Is he the One that can liberate or is He the one that drowns your swine? It all depends on how you choose to see God.

We all need to have a better understanding of God in order to see Him aright and consequently receive from him

Remember that what you see God as, is who He becomes to you, and that is how you will receive from Him.

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