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If you pray aloud, preach with deep insight, speak with prowess, very intelligent and don’t have good attitude, I’m sorry, your proclaimed value is highly devalued.

Most of us Christians strive as much we can to maintain pure heart before God and retain our relationship with him, only to turn around and make those things null because we just can’t portray a good attitude to people around us. If you cannot love your neighbor you can see how can you proclaim you love a God you have not seen?
What is the condition for one to see God.

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I know the days I wouldn’t ever speak to people because of their lifestyle, their dress style, or their sense of thought, feeling they’re just not worthy. And then I learnt that, I am a human first and then other things come, so I must relate with them as human beings first before considering other things. This way perhaps, people who may be ignorantly into some stuff may learn from my lifestyle that oh, there’s actually a more correct approach to this.

Do you still tag people as,
He is a sinner, he is an unbeliever, he a dummy who can’t learn fast, he is unproductive, he is not my type, his dress code is devilish, he is not anywhere near heaven, and whatever you are saying in your mind that has influenced your attitude towards people.

As a human being, how much do you strive to have a good and peaceful life with people around you.
If you can’t live peaceful with good lifestyle before the human beings you’re seeing, how are you going to live such life before God whom you haven’t seen.

As a mother,
How is your attitude towards your children, your husband, you relatives, you in-laws, your colleagues at work, your customers/clients at your business place, your neighbors at home, your leaders or your followers?

As as young lady,
What is your reaction to people who you grade as not in your level when they want to approach you to be friends?
What’s your attitude to people who had wronged you and now realize how wrong they were, when they ask you to forgive?
What is your attitude to your parents, teachers, friends who you seem to be more intelligent than they are, people who are of different faith, beliefs and traditions from yours?

Every Gracious Woman must be a Woman of sincere love and good attitude to all around her, such that they all will be influenced to live graciously.

Fortitude | Gracious Virtues

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