Are You In This Category? (Teenagers)

Are you a teenager or do you have one or know any? Please, this is for you.

I know we’ve often heard this phrase “don’t waste time” either as a rebuke or advice. In the process of growth, I came to realize that there are two sides to those three words.

When an opportunity is given to you and it’s not utilized, it can be said to be a wasted opportunity. In the same way, when you have time to get something done and you don’t, it can also be said to be a wasted time.

You wasted time is correct, but the deep truth is that you waste your life.

Let me share a funny animal story that has a great lesson hidden inside.

The king of the jungle had gathered 5 animals among which the tortoise was the last.

Here goes the question by the king of the jungle and the reply of the five animals.

King of the jungle: How many times will something happen to you before you learn from it?

1st Animal: 5 times

2nd Animal: 4 times

3rd Animal: 3 times

4th Animal: 2 times

When it got to the Tortoise who is the 5th animal, the king of the jungle with the other animals expected to hear the number of times as others but guessed the reply of the Tortoise.

5th Animal (Tortoise): Nothing will happen to me because I will learn from your experiences.

A very funny reply but with a great lesson hidden.

My dear teens, not all experience you can recover from. Some life experience leaves a scar permanently and a wound that time cannot heal.

Few years back, the main responsibilities of teenagers were to read their books, do their school assignments, go to church, help in the house chores and play with their peer groups in sports.

But today, teenagers have added more responsibilities to the existing ones. Which includes; frivolities, getting the newest phone through any means by stealing, lying or through sleeping around (sex).

Don’t forget there is a pleasure today that becomes pain tomorrow.

A lot of adults are in regret because they wasted their life. They had opportunities to build the life they visioned but played it down. Today they live with pain and regrets as partners.

There are more teenagers with the latest phone rather than the latest revelation from God and the latest books read.

Being a teenager isn’t a disadvantage but a huge advantage. But unfortunately only a few know and utilize their teenage stage. You cry for an opportunity forgetting that the teenage stage is a time of opportunities

Are you still thinking you don’t have the opportunity [ies] to explore your world? Are you thinking of how disadvantaged you are? Well, you become what you say and believe.

Phillis Wheatley was sold into slavery as a child. She learnt how to read and write. At age 20, she became the first ever African-American woman to be recognized as a published poet.

We admire the likes of the popular king David, king Josiah and Mary the mother of Jesus not knowing that a hidden kingdom is in you. Yes you!

A life of purpose is a life of oil and grace.

My dear teens, you don’t have the stop-watch to your life. The giver can take it from you at any time and anyhow without taking your permission.

Don’t be like the foolish virgins. This is the time to carry enough oil with you, both spiritually and career wise so that your lamp in the future does not go out because of lack of oil.

Don’t be fooled dear teen, no life exists outside Christ.

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