Are You In This Category? (Leaders)

To be a leader is to give to others, invest in others, show others a way or pattern to follow, to bear the burden of others, to fill up your life always for the benefit of self and others.

In John 17:19 Jesus said “for their sakes I sanctify myself that they also might be sanctified through the truth” that is in him.

He understood that as a leader his life was supposed to be in order so as to affect others.

A leader is one who takes the first step for others to follow.

What happens when he then takes the wrong step?

A leader must have the capacity to lead others due to how sensitive the leadership position is.

The birth of leadership is the rise of the call to conduct, responsibility, accountability, competence, dignity, sacrifice, obedience, diligence, assessment and evaluation.

Today we have leaders in different works of life, beginning from the smallest circle of life (family) to the society at large.

We have political leaders, academic leaders, business, religious leaders, etc.

Irrespective of the category of leadership, one thing is noteworthy, that is, a leader cannot give what he doesn’t have.

While many tried to do so, there has been a large record of lack of impacts, misplaced priorities, moral decadence and religious stunts.

Many years ago the pouring of oil on the head was a mark of separation for leadership by God.

The one who is chosen to lead and guide the people is then expected to keep the oil flowing through so as not to run dry.

Saul was chosen  and called out for leadership but he couldn’t keep watch of the oil upon his head. He depended on the initial oil of selection but God rejected him the moment the light in the lamp of his life went off.

That was due to not having extra oil in his life.

The oil in one’s lamp (life) keeps his fire burning and the fire is the object of significance in the sight of God.

Today many leaders have lost their significance before God, thus empty and leading the people into error.

A leader must always function in the capacity of the grace that elected him.

The grace that anointed his head with oil (Psalm 23:5b).

In the parable of Jesus, the door was shut against those  five representatives who didn’t have extra oil with them but to the ones who took extra oil, it carried them through to the end.

No leader can successfully fulfill his calling or ministry or achieve his goals without having an extra oil with him.

Leadership can be a futile exercise when the seat of leadership is not graced with oil.

We must acknowledge that there are dimensions of functionality and only those who function in the dimension of the wise-hearted men will see their desires upon their followers.

What do the wise-hearted do?

They prepare for times unseen by touching divinity to attract grace for the midnight hours.

Are you a leader?*

Where is your significance before God?

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