A Wake Up Call

Hello Wifey! It’s ok to feel spiritually unsatisfied unlike you used to be in your single days. And your hunger for satisfaction shows The Spirit of God is still within.

Hey! What were you expecting? To still live a life of singleness even when you’ve been given an assignment and the ministry called helper. No wifey, it can’t work.

Before you got married, you could pray, fast, go for visitation, you could sacrifice your time for God and humanity. Your space was all for God and self-development. Your driving force and waking thought was God.

You envisaged a home where an erected altar will be burning and glowing constantly. You saw the possibility and you told yourself that your home will be heaven on earth. An enviable home.

Now you’re married and you can’t pray like you did in the past and you feel frustrated. Hey! That’s the devil’s trick. He wants you to be frustrated and once frustration sets in depression gains full access.

Have you been in a moving car that has been on speed while on a plain surface? Notice while it’s about to ascend, it is advisable that the driver changes gear. He changes to gear 2 or 3 and as soon as he ascends, he can now begin to accelerate that will enable him speed.

Marriage is similar. It’s like you are ascending and while this is done, there are lots of adjustments to be implemented and distractions to be discarded.

You must know that your life is now shared. Failure to come to the consciousness of this reality leads to premature death.

You must know that you’re ascending in life and need to change your gear inorder to accelerate again.

You will definitely not have the time for prayer you usually had while single so you have to adjust and re-strategize.

Make your entire house a house of prayer.

Aside from your family morning altar, you will hardly have your space to pray. So how do you overcome through prayer and what do you need to do to overcome through prayer?

Pray always as instructed by the Holy Word of God. If you are waiting for time and space to pray, it may/will never come. And delay or procrastination can be giving the devil more grounds to gain in your home.

  • Pray while in the kitchen.
  • Pray while doing the house chores.
  • Pray in your place of work.
  • Pray while in the school environment.
  • Pray in the restroom (toilet and bathroom.
  • Pray even while with visitors

Commune with God without ceasing.

You can download a Bible app on your phone that will enable you to read or listen while in the midst of your schedule.

With time, you will have adjusted to your new life and accelerate back to your feet.

Never wait for time and space to pray because in your wait, the devil keeps accelerating to take you out of his way.

Communion with God is not just limited to a particular place and in a particular time.

Pray always until your body, which is the temple of God, becomes a house of prayer.

Pray always until you literally become a carrier of God’s presence.

Pray always until God feels free to commune with you His mind.

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