A Thousand Years

For a thousand years is like a day in His eyes.

So let us do this, imagine that if you give God a day, he gives you back a day.

In his record, you gave a day and should receive a day.

And then God gives you a day from heaven, by the time it translates to earthen value, it becomes ‘a thousand years’

This means that even if God wants to use the exact value of what we gave Him, it would still be greater than ours..

You get the point now?

In case you didn’t get the point, lemme tell you; YOU CAN NEVER OUTDO GOD.

 Whatever we give to God is multiplied immeasurably because the value system of God and man are not the same.

This is why you will seldom see a giver who lacks for a long time. This is why there isn’t anyone who sincerely gave to God and goes unrewarded.

God’s reward is so great that you can’t exhaust it all. That is why He blesses not only you but your family also, and anyone who is connected to your grace. Even to generations to come..

If with such a small investment, you can buy so much Shares in God’s favour, How much gain do you think you will have if you give unreservedly.

Dear friend, you are not dealing with a man who gives sparingly, so never fear or look back when you want to give to God.

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