A Generation On A Precipice – For The Young

I see a current trend with this generation, especially the young folks of this generation; they are in a hurry to grow up. No, not to grow up and be properly accountable, but to grow up fast and reach that stage where they wont be told what to do anymore. If only they knew how close to the edge they are as a result of being born in this generation and as a result their choices. We are advancing very speedily into nothingness.

Little do they know that if they become adults when they are supposed to be kids,they will become kids when they are supposed to be adults. Therefore young women of this generation, you must know that you are already in an unfortunate generation and must subject yourself carefully to learning from the wise. If you mustn’t be destroyed in this time, you must willingly subject yourself to be taught and used by God.

I call this generation unfortunate because everything is out to make you fall. Life is made to keep you so busy, you forget your that your primary purpose on earth is to please God. Everything keeps you so busy you do not realize that you are at the end of a dangerous cliff. You are made to feel behind if you do not join in the race; the race to create money, popularity, fame and influence.

Now we are too busy chasing these and we forget to chase God who is our sole owner.

Dear young woman, do not become too busy that you forget your true worth. The world is in need of mothers, women who will pray down God’s revival, women who will raise standard bearers and also become one themselves. You have been equipped with much more than the world is limiting you too. You must not forget your place in the program of God while getting soaked up in the program of this world.

We must rise up and become the mothers we are supposed to be, because ours is a unique calling. The world suffers because we have neglected our post. We have ceased to be mothers and have turned to become female men; people dragging and fighting to be recognized for what we are not, while our true glory is starved.

When we as women decide to go back to our God given post, we will not struggle for recognition or influence, because with our calling comes the glory that will bring the world to her knees.

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