A Generation On A Precipice – 2

The value of an investment is the extent to which that investment is able to comfortably take care of the needs of tomorrow. If an investment is made, and over a period of time, the investment is not able to meet the needs of the present time, then that investment can be said to be a wasted investment or a failed investment.

Failure is the by-product of wrong investments. Today there are many failed states, failed families, failed institutions, all because of wrong investments.

Every action is an investment. Every time spent is an investment, because the currency of life is time, and the value or significance of time is action. For instance, a man that got married on 12th June 2020, remembers that date and time because of the action that took place on the said date and at the said time. Therefore the quality of our actions determine the quality of the time that God has given to us freely, which in turn translates to the investment that we make to secure our future.

When an institution, or a generation chooses to waste their time by engaging in actions that do not have a positive effect on their spiritual well being, physical wellbeing, that generation is surely headed for a destructive end.

The reward of actions done in time, takes place in eternity.

A wise person will concentrate on actions that will generate high investment yields in eternity, rather than on actions that generate only investment yields in time.

Be Wise, Invest your time Wisely.

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