What You Ordered Vs. What You Get.

These days men and women discuss what they feel they can’t take in marriage, forgetting that they have a character(s) that another cannot live with.

I’ve heard over and over again how people generalize both genders. Even those who claim to be children of God join those who say men are scum, beast, stupid, ungrateful, insensitive Bla bla bla.

And most of the people who sing this anthem are the unmarried ones and those enduring their marriages.

These single ladies get married in a few years or months, and marriage life becomes unbearable. They wished they never got married or maybe would have gotten married to a different and seemingly responsible man. They become sadists because they are now left with two options; endure the marriage or divorce.

One of the reasons why marriages are becoming regrettable is the negative narrative harbored in mind before the marriage.

When you fail to work on yourself as a human and woman, your relationships with anyone will be a disaster. As you cannot deal with another’s folly, they cannot deal with your folly.

● You want to be loved ➡️ love people.

● You want to be understood ➡️ understand people.

● You want to be respected ➡️ respect people.

● You want to be forgiven ➡️ forgive others always.

In the scriptures of truth (The Bible), Job was visited with what he feared. The death and losses incurred were what he dreaded. His mind was always filled with the fear of negative things. He got what he had served his mind with.

Your confession brings your possession. The more you confess negatively about a thing or person, the more you keep packaging your parcel of destruction.

As you keep confessing the slogan ‘men are scum,’ you will get the parcel of what you ordered.

The appropriate question one should ask themselves and repeatedly ponder until the full import of that question has been drastically internalized and processed should be, “What value/virtue are you adding to yourself as a human/woman”?

Marriage is not for babes but for serious-minded individuals.

A few months back, a ‘Christian’ lady said recently, and I quote, “If my husband does anyhow, I will divorce him and marry another.”

I was pained hearing her speak. She’s not married yet, so why is she thinking and waiting for the worst in her marriage?

This is the generation we find ourselves in.

Instead of thinking and saying the worst, why not think and say the best. As you do, work towards what can bring you the best and always pray about it.

Your words and mind are potent and should be guided and guarded at all times because your words can make or mar you.

Proverbs 18:21.

Matthew 12:36-37.

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