Shredded Sin

On that faithful Thursday morning, I almost lost my value and identity to a piece of bread courtesy of lack of contentment.

You can never know how disappointed you could be at yourself till faced with situations where you act like a total stranger and not yourself. That was my case working in an organization where the clients had to bring certain household items as part of the first visit requirements. The organization never took stock of those products as it was entrusted to the care of its staff and for the organizational consumption.

While I worked in that particular organization, I saw my colleagues steal those items to their homes on a daily basis as the clients kept coming with the items. Deep down in me was anger and total disagreement because I knew it was wrong to take the items pertaining to the organization home for use. I had at many times verbalized my utter displeasure but none of them seemed to care as long as the officer-in-charge never caught anyone.

It didn’t take time my anger for theft faded but not completely. I thought within me that it should be I taking those items home for use and not them. Before I knew it, it grew into envy and anger. But this time around not anger against evil but towards my colleagues who seemed to me that they took what should be mine.

I had resumed as usual on a Thursday and clients filled the place within the space of 3 hours and to think that I collected all those items and hid them properly so that my colleagues wouldn’t find them. When it was time for me to leave, I thought about carrying the items but I got some disagreement with my conscience. It was a hard decision! I tried to convince myself that it was normal since everyone else did it but no! My mind wouldn’t be at rest. So I decided to take just a small quantity and keep the rest and take them the next day but my mind still wouldn’t let me. Yes!!!! Finally, I think I know what to do to reduce the rate at which my heart skipped and condemned me. So I divided the items into five portions and took one portion while I hid the rest four portions. Yeah, it worked! I took them home but believe me I almost missed my way to my home. I couldn’t sleep, I was tormented. Can the morning come already? I whispered as I paced up in my room that night.

Very early the next morning, I reached work an hour thirty minutes prior to my normal resumption time, I dropped the items and for the first time in the past few hours, I was calm in mind and body. I looked up and said thank you, Jesus!


  • Dear Christian, irrespective of how many tiny little pieces you shred sin before committing it, it is still SIN! (James 1:14-16).
  • If you give space to a little sin, it will yield more. Have you heard of the little leaven? Remember that godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6, Galatians 5:9).
  • No matter what the devil presents to you, never fall down to worship him else you sell your generations unborn to eternal slavery just like our forefathers (Adam and Eve) did to us.

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