You’re Starving Her

Deny a man anything but not food else you may see the beast in him. Most families today are hungry and mothers are doing nothing about it. Mothers are cooking and feeding the family but yet everyone is still hungry.

The kids are hungry that they now comfortable eat from strangers. How sad!

Hello Mothers,

Hunger is a terrible feeling. It takes control of your emotions, senses and leaves you at the mercy of a deceitful red porridge. The saying goes “a hungry man is an angry man”.

Even a tasteless food will be well consumed by him.

The world is presently hungry because some mothers are starving the family; starving the children of the right diet and complaining at the same time that they are malnourished, forgetting that children become what they eat.

You admire another’s children and wish they were yours. May I tell you something: even if they were yours, they would still look like your own kids. The difference is in their feeding.

What are you feeding your kids with? Do you feed them with love, honesty, patience, joy, humility, faith and most importantly GOD?

Without these complete classes of food, It is impossible to have healthy children.

You can’t serve a food of honesty if you don’t have it. You can’t serve your kids God when you don’t have Him. We can only give out what we have.

Children learn more not by telling them to do a thing, but by watching you do the same or opposite. Your actions speak more volume than your words. If you don’t have much of God to feed your kids with, then, be prepared they’ll eat from another source.

Speak and show love to those children of yours. You do more harm when you don’t confess your love to your children. Don’t just make them feel loved but make them know they are loved. Your love well served can make them ask you for the secret and you dish out the other food.

What a healthy child(ren) you will have.

Don’t forget all the classes of food are so linked to each other. You shouldn’t neglect any.

You will never live to regret but ever live to be grateful and refreshed.

The church, society and world at large is made up of families. Feed your little ones with a healthy diet, then watch the church, society and world grow in a healthy body.

Mommy, please don’t starve me!

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