What Does Fear Make You Do?

Have you ever been so scared that you acted in a way that even you would term irrational?
If yes, what was it that you did? And what were the consequences later on?
Looking back now, do you think that given the exact same situation you would act the same? If yes, what does that tell you?
If no. Then what do you think made the difference?

Ponder very carefully on these questions as we consider some people of old and how they acted in the face of fear…

● Peter was in the inner circle of Jesus. He was the loudest of all disciples in swearing allegiance. But in the face of fear, he denied Jesus out rightly.
● David was a mighty warrior, he fought both man and beast. But he disguised himself as a mad man in the face of fear.
● Elijah in the presence of all Israel called down fire from heaven but in the face of fear from the threat of a woman, he hid in a cave
● King Saul was the tallest man in Israel, he led Israel to many victories and drove out Necromancy in Israel, in the face of fear, he consulted the very thing he banished.
There are more examples on and on.

At the same time, there were those who in the face of fear made totally different decisions, decisions made out of faith:
❖ Naaman, even though he doubted at first, overcame the fear and doubt by obeying the prophet, which led to his healing.

❖ Peter out of fear of drowning, reached out to Jesus and walked on the sea.

❖ The fear of bleeding forever made the woman with the issue of blood reach out to the garment of Jesus.
With more examples on and on.

This tells us that fear is an inevitable part of us as human beings. There will always come a time in your life when your situation will cause great fear to arise in you so much that you become ready to take the most available way out. But the most available way might not be the good way. There is a way that seemeth good to a man but the end thereof is destruction (Proverbs 14:12).
If you are in a dire situation, please do not be quick to run to any prayer house or self acclaimed prophet, first encourage yourself to develop faith in God, with that, you can move whatever mountain that stands before you.

When God is the first in your life, your fears will always birth faith and with faith the impossible becomes possible.

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