Useful 3 (Final Part)

All the things that were said yesterday……Easier said than done right?
That is usually the case this information like this, it is easy to explain them but when the pressure comes or the real life situations face you, words fly out of the window. That is true; because that is the real life we live in.
But know this; who we truly are will show when we meet certain life situations or encounter certain expectations. At that time, the ‘stuff’ you are made of becomes visible to you and the whole world.
With this, you now realize that your whole worth is centered on what you are made of. So changing what you are made of can actually change or redirect what you feel about yourself. This change is not one big process, but the little things you do constantly that will go a long way to change your entire being with time.
This where it would be easier done that said. We fail mostly when we think that one big decision you take will make the whole difference. Rather than trying to do that, take these few little steps and make them constant in your life:

  • Read through God’s word: no matter how little time you have, make sure you read the bible, a few word from the scripture can silence a thousand voices in your head. It can remind you things you have forgotten and show you things you never knew. Don’t let a day pass without reading from your bible. You will be surprised, I promise you.
  • Look into your life few minutes every day; what are those good things you know about yourself? Are they good or not?
  • If yes, do something every day, that improves or even remind you of that good side of you. Make sure that one or more of your daily activities affect that part of you. If no, then begin to readdress and speak to yourself daily. Consult the word of God and mature minds to counsel you.
  • Make out time on a daily basis to look inwards; shut out all the activities going on around you for a while and converse with your inner self. The world is moving so fast that if you aren’t your own friend, you will be swept away by intimidation.
  • Pray and meditate on the Word you read. Constant communion will make God’s voice familiar to you. You will be able to recognize which voice is His and which is not. This will help you not to fall into the wrong thought.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT THESE THINGS. Know it within yourself that the reason you are doing it is to develop the right sense of worth. Do it because you need to, not just because you want to.

Little bits of these everyday will steer you in the direction you never imagined. As you do these, may God direct you aright.

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