True Worshipers

When you hear “Worship,” what comes to your mind?

There’s this popular opinion by many of what worship is all about.

Many see worship as rendering songs to God in a particular position, like kneeling or standing, and most times, lifting hands sometimes, with teary eyes.

Worship is a feeling or expression of reverence and adoration to a deity.

To us Christians, our worship is to God Almighty.

When I think of worship, my mind travels so fast to the Bible days, and I remember the likes of Hannah, Miriam, Mary, David, and others who have given us a picture of beautiful moments of worship to God.

In recent days, when we consider some lyrics of songs or spoken words, we are so humbled, and at the same time, we admire the human instrument who penned these lyrics. 

The truth remains that we can all get those spirit-inspired lyrics when we truly worship God as they do.

Worship can happen anyday and anytime, and it’s not restricted to only Sunday or weekly services. God brings opportunities to men so that we can worship Him. Recognizing and utilising these opportunities makes us true worshipers.

True worship of God is not only expressed only in a loud voice and teary eyes or of kneeling and lifting hands to the heavens. True worship can also be expressed in a calm whisper, just like the woman in the temple who’s giving caught Jesus’ attention. It wasn’t how much she gave, but, rather, how much it cost her. Remember, in the eyes of men, she gave so little, but in the eyes of God, it was mighty. Jesus was moved to say, “she gave more than anyone else.”

Worship to God is the absence of anxiety, guilt, and prejudices and the presence of wholesome love, sincere honour, and unreserved loyalty for the One who deserves it. The One worship looks good on our King of glory.

The devil can fight our prayers, afflict us in our health, and buffet us with challenges, but he gets out of the way when we worship God.

True Worship is an attitude of the heart in which the heart bows down before God. Your mind is not preoccupied with anyone or anything except God and God alone. Worship is when we are lost in His presence, thinking about God. It is also a time that is free from requests and petitions of healing, providence, etc. But rather, your heart is filled with love for God. All you want to do is to lavish this love like oil being emptied on His feet. 

Worship is the vehicle that takes us to the presence of God, and God longs to have us in His presence.

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