To Forgive And To Be Forgiven (A True Story)

Offense is a sure thing because it is part of life. You will offend and be offended. You’re not perfect and even if you are, in your perfection, you’ll still offend or be offended.

She was just a teenager who had a bright future like other kids. Sophia was a very intelligent and smart girl. Unfortunately, she lost her dad to the cold hands of death. Things turned out to be so difficult for her mom financially. A relative of her Dad, decided to take Sophia with the promise of sponsoring her education. Sophia and her mom were so excited because it was a huge relief.

Sophia, had written an entrance exam that should qualify her for an admission to kickstart her desired Nursing career. She was the second best. The state government had made a promise to the first three best students for a full blown scholarship.

Unfortunately, she was denied that opportunity by her guardian. She refused her from accessing that great opportunity. She was promised to be trained by them. They persuaded her to exercise a little more patience.

Years went by and the promise by her guardian was not fulfilled; rather she was turned into a house maid and regularly abused both by words and actions. The ill treatment affected her so badly psychologically. Sophia never saw anything good about herself. Her self esteem has been destroyed.

Few years later, Sophia decided to run away from her guardian back to her father’s house. Her mom felt so terrible because she (Sophia) never told her all she was going through. It was all wasted years for Sophia.

Shortly after returning home, she engaged herself in learning a trade. Few years into that business, she made a friend who was educated and also a working class lady. Their friendship grew and the friend requested she come live in her apartment. Few months later she surrendered her life to Jesus at the hand of her friend.

She began to struggle with unforgiveness. She knew she needed to forgive her relatives for the I’ll treatment she experienced. With constant praying and fasting, she let go of every hurt.

Sophia was soon blessed with a wonderful, rich and godly man for a husband. She dealt with a little teenage girl who also needed help. Most of the time, her husband spoke to her concerning how she treats the girl but she never listened.

Years passed, the little girl graduated from the University and got married to a wonderful man. She (Sophia) asked for forgiveness and she was forgiven without stress. They both relate like mother and daughter.

The act of forgiving others attracts forgiveness when you need it because forgiveness attracts forgiveness.

No matter how deep the wound is, you can still forgive. You have the capacity to forgive. If you feel or think you don’t have the capability to forgive, try asking Jesus to help and He will.

If you don’t forgive, you will be denied forgiveness both by God and men when you need it.

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